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Do Dentures Change the Health of Your Gums?

Posted on 2/27/2018 by Kirchner Dental
Dentures Kirchner Dental IN 47130-8013Dentures are an option that many people use to have a straight and natural smile. As we age, teeth begin to fall out or wear away and dentures are used to restore not only a beautiful smile but also the use of teeth.

When teeth are missing or broken, it can be difficult to eat certain foods. With dentures, teeth are restored and eating habits can get back to normal. However, dentures can also affect the health of your gums. If you have dentures, learn more about issues that can arise to avoid problems with your gums.

Fitted Dentures

Dentures are created to fit your mouth specifically. A mold is used to ensure that your new teeth will fit correctly. When dentures do not fit well, it can lead to pain in the mouth.

If your dentures rub against your gums constantly, it can create something known as an epulis or a callus. This issue will require surgery to remove so you want to avoid it. When dentures are created for you, be sure they fit perfectly. If not, have them adjusted to avoid this problem with your gums.

Cleaning Your Dentures

Dentures are like natural teeth and require proper cleaning. Just like your natural teeth, if dentures are not cleaned correctly, it can lead to issues such as gum disease. You must make sure that you brush your dentures and clean them as instructed to avoid gum disease or other related conditions based on plaque and bacteria.

Overall, it is important that you have dentures created by a professional who can ensure your new teeth fit properly and show you the correct way to clean your teeth. Without the right instruction and fit, you may experience gum disease or epulis, which can lead to even more pain or discomfort. Avoid such issues by calling us today to learn more about dentures and the proper way to care for your new teeth.

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