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What Is a Dental Cap?

Posted on 3/27/2018 by Kirchner Dental
Dental Caps Kirchner Dental IN 47130-8013A dental cap and dental crown are the same things. It is a tooth-shaped covering over weakened or damaged teeth used for protection and strength.

A common use for a dental cap/crown is to save a tooth that may have been extracted due to a crack, large cavity, root canal, or other condition which weakens a tooth.

Due to the dental cap/crown covering the entire tooth they are also used for cosmetic reasons. These reasons may include an improperly shaped tooth; an incorrectly sized tooth; and a discolored or stained tooth.

Materials Used for Dental Caps

Dental caps/crowns are used in many different locations inside the mouth and for various reasons, they are created and available in numerous materials.

The great strength required for the restoration of a molar is provided by metal caps/crowns (chromium alloy, nickel alloy, gold alloy), like metal fused porcelain.

For restoration of front teeth, the natural-look of the all-porcelain (solid natural color porcelain) and all-ceramic (polymer composite) cap/crown is ideal. Each material used for caps/crowns has advantages and disadvantages.

Care of Temporary Dental Caps

A dental cap/crown is designed in a laboratory. A temporary cap/crown is used while the permanent is created.

Typically, a temporary cap is created using an acrylic material that is not as secure or durable as a permanent cap. While the temporary is in place, extra precaution should be taken.

Food that may dislodge or damage the crown should be avoided; like sticky foods such as gum, taffy, caramel, etc. and hard foods such as raw vegetables and fruits, and candy. While flossing, rather than lifting the floss, slide it to ensure the temporary cap is not pulled off.

The dentist can help in the determination of the best type to use for your individual situation. For further information about dental caps or dental crowns, contact us today!

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