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Flossing Prevents Double Cavities

Posted on 5/15/2018 by Kirchner Dental
Cavities Kirchner Dental IN 47130-8013Flossing is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. It is not enough to brush, even if you do it twice a day or more. Flossing prevents double cavities and helps to keep plaque away.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are caused by the acid in plaque. These acids remove minerals from your enamel and weaken the tooth creating a cavity.

If left untreated, a cavity can lead to more serious dental problems such as an abscess or infection and the destruction of the pulp - the inside of the tooth. Cavities can get large enough to create a crack that can damage the tooth.

Why Do I Need to Floss?

Brushing alone cannot get all the food particles left behind after eating and you need to floss, at least once a day if you really want to clean your mouth and keep it healthy.

The problem with not flossing is that bacteria turn the sugars and starches we eat into acids that can destroy the enamel that protects our teeth. You must try to get all those pieces of food out from between your teeth, because once the enamel is gone, it cannot be recovered.

What Kind of Floss Should I Use?

There are many flosses to try and you can see which ones best for you. The most popular is the string type, which comes in waxed and unwaxed variety. You can also find flavored if you prefer for a fresh feel.

Water flossers have become more and more popular because they do a much better job than string floss. A water flosser can get to the very back of your teeth and remove more particles than you can ever remove using the string.

Ask our hygienist to tell you more about how using a water flossing prevents double cavities.

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