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Teeth in a Day

Try Teeth in a Day—Don't Wait Weeks or Months for Replacement Teeth

It's always important to repair damaged teeth. At Kirchner Dental, Jeffersonville, IN, we work hard to fix dental problems and save teeth. But in the end, what matters most is you. If your teeth are damaged beyond repair or have fallen out, you need replacements. While there are several tooth replacement options, most people usually have to wait weeks or even months for their new teeth, depending on their situation. What do you do in the meantime? That's where Teeth in a Day comes in handy. You can get implants placed by our partner surgeon and replacement teeth from Dr. Kirchner, all in one day. Dr. Michael Kirchner of Kirchner Dental received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Indiana University, and has a lot of training and awards in his dental history.

Teeth in a Day Will Restore Your Smile

This treatment gets you a full arch of replacement teeth (all of the teeth on the bottom or top of your mouth) in literally one day. As with dentures or All-on-4® treatment concept implants, you'll get a full arch of natural-looking teeth set in a gum-colored base. These are held in place using dental implants but are temporary. They only stay in until your All-on-4® treatment concept arch or similar restoration is ready. You will start your day with needing teeth, and by the day's end, you'll have them.

More Than Traditional Dental Implants

With regular implants, you usually have to wait for the bone to completely fuse with the implanted root. That's because putting pressure on the implant before it is ready can cause the implant to move and fail. It can even break part of your jawbone. With Teeth in a Day, you do not need to wait. On the same day your implants are placed, you'll get a full arch of temporary replacement teeth. In fact, most patients can start eating with them right away. It will take 4–6 months before you are ready for All-on-4® treatment concept or a similar permanent solution.

The Teeth in a Day Process

Jeffersonville, IN man smiling about his teeth in a day dental implants he received from his dentist.First, Jeffersonville, IN dentists Dr. Kirchner of Kirchner Dental will examine your teeth, gums, and bone tissue to make sure Teeth in a Day is right for you. Then they will coordinate the placement surgery with a local oral surgeon. This ensures your implants will be held securely and that the procedure can be done quickly. Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Kirchner will connect a temporary set of replacement teeth to the implants. These will stay put until Dr. Kirchner removes them. Your final replacement teeth are then made to order. They will look like healthy, white versions of your real teeth. Many patients choose All-on-4® treatment concept restorations for this procedure. When your implants are fully healed in about 4–6 months, you'll come back to our Jeffersonville, IN dental clinic to have the temporaries removed and these secured. In the end, you'll have great-looking teeth that are stable in your mouth.

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