When you have lost one or more teeth, your life changes significantly in ways that are obvious to the rest of the world, like the toll it takes on your appearance, confidence, and naturally, your social life.

But tooth loss affects you in other ways that are much more painful and private.

The reason is that a lost tooth is also a lost root, which means you need a better replacement solution that emulates more completely the function of real teeth.

That’s what a dental implant does! It goes inside your jaw where the root used to be and is attached to your restoration, which means you have durability, longevity, and strength that’s nearly as close to what you had before as you can possibly get!

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life!

Here are three other ways you benefit by anchoring your replacement teeth to dental implants from Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN:

*No More Poor Nutrition*

It’s not just the pleasure of eating you lose when you have missing teeth.

A daily diet that’s significantly limited to soft, bland foods is rather depressing on its own, but you also face poor nutrition and the negative impact that has on your overall health.

From vitamin deficiencies to digestion problems, tooth loss stands in the way of good nutrition and health just as easily as it does your chance to have an attractive smile you’re proud of.

Because dental implants firmly, naturally fuse with your jawbone and are securely attached to your replacement teeth, you can eat anything you want, and that means a more balanced, nutrient-packed diet, better absorption of vitamins and minerals, and easier digestion.

*No More Tooth Loss*

If you replaced a tooth without replacing its root, you may have a complete smile, but you won’t be doing anything to preserve the health and strength of your jawbone and gum tissues.

That’s because, without a root, those structures begin immediately deteriorating. It’s a natural process that occurs as soon as you lose a tooth. Without stimulation, you lose bone mass in your jaw unless you stop that process.

And that’s exactly what a dental implant does! It simulates the work of a natural tooth root to trigger new bone growth for a healthier, stronger mouth overall.

*No More Slippery Dentures*

You’re not likely to hear anyone who wears dentures rave about how amazing they are.

Maybe you’re even a denture wearer yourself who can attest to their limitations on your life.

In the best of circumstances, where your removable dentures fit comfortably at first and look pretty natural, you’ll still have to deal with:


  • The stress of knowing they could slip at any time
  • The tedious, high maintenance care they require daily
  • The premature wrinkles around your mouth
  • The constant discomfort and irritation of your gums
  • The deterioration of your jawbone
  • The routine adjustments or replacements they require


But dental implants can be attached to your dentures in strategic places so that they never come out or slip around on you when you least expect it. It’s a physical and emotional burden lifted that has far-reaching positive effects on your overall quality of life!

Discover What’s Possible!

It would take much more than a blog to show you all the ways life can be better with dental implants.

Strong new teeth, a great smile, and better health are only the beginning, and we’re excited to help you discover what else is possible when you choose this remarkable tooth loss solution!

Start now and call Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN today at 812-913-6093 or contact us online for a dental implant consultation!