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Why Bad Breath Really Stinks

Halitosis doesn’t just mean your breath stinks. It can make life really stink in other ways.

Here are two negative effects bad breath can have on you:

*Feeling Isolated Among Co-Workers*

If you’re known around the office for your bad breath, it’s not likely anyone will tell you about it. Instead, you’ll notice a sense of isolation among your co-workers. People might tend to steer clear of you or abruptly end conversations just to get away.

*A Distancing In Your Personal Relationships*

Your personal relationships will inevitably suffer if you have chronic halitosis.

It’s unpleasant to be too close to someone if their breath stinks, no matter how much you enjoy being around them otherwise.

So if you notice family and friends distancing themselves from you, it’s worth considering you might have a problem with bad breath.

Most Of The Time, Bacteria Is To Blame!

There can be a variety of reasons your breath has been not-so-fresh, but at the heart of all of them, bacteria is most likely to blame! Here are some common causes of bad breath:

*Your Diet*

The first step in your quest for answers would be to look at your diet and lifestyle.

Obviously, what you’re eating and drinking will have the most immediate impact on your breath. Foods, spices, and drinks like garlic, onions, fish, and coffee add flavor to our lives, but they don’t smell that great once they’re consumed.

Once your tongue is coated in the residue, bacteria can grow and worsen the smell inside your mouth.

Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol can also contribute to bad breath.

*Tooth Decay*

Bacteria inside your mouth not only causes tooth decay and cavities, but it lingers and emits a foul odor until those problems are treated.

*Periodontal Infection*

One of the signs of developing infection known as gum disease is persistent bad breath. That’s because of all the bacteria that’s collected around and under your gumline.

Enjoy Better Health & Fresher Breath!

Finding the source of halitosis can lead us to the perfect remedy for your particular situation, and as you’ll see, that remedy could also lead to better oral and overall health, too!

*Restorative Dental Treatment*

If we find that tooth decay or cavities are the source of your bad breath, restorative dental treatment is an easy fix! We offer tooth-colored fillings, as well as same-day dental crowns, to restore decayed or damaged teeth so your mouth stays healthy and your breath stays fresher!

*Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment*

We provide non-invasive periodontal therapy to stop, and if caught early enough, reverse, the effects of gum disease. As a potential cause for persistent halitosis, this may be the best remedy to not only freshen your breath, but to clean your mouth of the dangerous infection that could be putting your oral and overall health at risk.

*Oral Hygiene Tools & Tips*

Along with the electric toothbrushes we sell at Kirchner Dental, we can also offer other tips and tricks for better oral hygiene. We’ll help you maintain a home care routine that optimizes the cleanliness of your teeth and gums between your six-month checkups!

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Finding a solution for your bad breath isn’t just a way to boost your confidence and improve your personal and professional relationships. It could also mean restoring your dental health, depending on the underlying cause of your halitosis.

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