We want you to know how to treat your gums well, so as we say goodbye to Gum Disease Awareness Month, we’re reminding you about some restorative and cosmetic treatments at Kirchner Dental that can make unhealthy gums strong and beautiful again!

Treating Your Gums Is A Treat For Your Smile

Healthy gums are essential to your teeth, your oral health, and the appearance of your smile, so if you’re struggling with gum problems, here are three ways we can offer them some much-needed TLC in Jeffersonville, IN:

*Periodontal Infection*

First and foremost, your gums need to be healthy.

That will be the top priority, to check your mouth for signs of periodontal infection. Symptoms of gum disease could be behind the unsightly condition of your gums, like redness, sores, and inflammation, among others.

With a non-invasive deep cleaning, we can remove infection from under and around your gumline and smooth over the roots. That way harmful bacteria will not be able to collect there again as easily.

*Gum Recession*

One of the unpleasant symptoms if periodontal infection is gum recession. This is where healthy gum tissue is eaten away by bacteria, pulling your gums further from your teeth and destabilizing them.

That’s why gum disease leads to tooth loss without professional intervention to stop its progression. But along with the health problems this can create, gum recession is also unattractive because it can make teeth look longer than they should, and at worst, make them fall out!

Our gum recession treatment is the way to reposition gum tissues back to where they’re supposed to be so your teeth are more secure, and your gums are healthy and restored.

*A Gummy Smile*

Maybe you’ve not heard this description before, but if you have a gummy smile, you’ll know it.

It refers to a visible imbalance between your teeth-to-gum ratio. Excessive gum tissue covers too much of the surfaces of your teeth, so when you smile, your gums are just about all a person notices.

Your teeth may look too small or short as a result, and your smile may not look as sophisticated as you want it to.

But there’s an easy solution! We can perform gum reshaping, which is a gentle procedure that removes excess gum tissue that’s covering your teeth so that your gumline appears to have been lifted. It’s a great way to give you a more balanced, attractive smile!

Call Today For Gum Treatment!

A good-looking smile isn’t all about your teeth. It’s just as important that you have well-positioned gums that have a nice healthy pink color.

Treating infection and recession will protect your teeth and oral health, and moving your gumline can improve the balance of your smile. So giving your gums the tender loving care they deserve is always a win-win!

Enjoy comfortable, modern gum treatment in Jeffersonville, IN. Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-913-6093 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.