Summer seems to fly by for most students, and it can definitely take busy parents off guard, as well.

That’s why our team at Kirchner Dental wants to use today’s blog to help you get the kids ready for a new school year. When you visit our Jeffersonville, IN family dental practice, you can trust your kids’ will be showing off healthy smiles when school starts!

Help Your Kids Start School With Healthy Teeth

Your kids don’t start a new school year using last year’s notebooks and worn down pencils. You want them to start fresh with all new supplies.

Do the same with their smiles! Send them to school with a fresh, clean mouth, and strong, healthy teeth and gums by scheduling a dental cleaning and exam at Kirchner Dental.

Start Fresh With A Fresh, Clean Mouth

Our hygienists are skilled and experienced. They have what’s needed to effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup, and our intraoral cameras and other early detection technology can help Dr. Kirchner look for tooth decay and cavities.

Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Dental Treatment

Just as kids shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to homework and studying until the last minute, you definitely don’t want to put off restorative dental treatment when it’s needed. Dr. Kirchner may find tooth decay or a cavity during a dental cleaning and exam that you’ll want to take care of sooner rather than later.

Putting off the treatment you, or anyone in your family, might need is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your oral health and the appearance of your smile. To keep cavities and other dental problems from getting worse, it’s best to stay ahead of it. This will save time, costs, and smiles down the road for your family!

Set Them Up For Smile Success With Invisalign

You know how awkward those middle school years can be for kids, especially when it comes to appearances. It’s rare that any of us are born with naturally perfect teeth, which is why so many people wear braces during childhood. Braces may seem like a common rite of passage for most middle school-aged students, but that doesn’t do much to comfort those wearing them. Metal brackets and wires can make anyone feel insecure about the way they look, but the good news is that isn’t your family’s only option for orthodontics.

You can set your child up for smile success with Invisalign at Kirchner Dental. If they don’t have any major bite alignment complications, Invisalign may be your child’s secret to a beautiful, straight smile by the time the next school year rolls around!

It moves your teeth into position with removable clear aligners that you switch out every couple of weeks and take out to eat and clean your teeth. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s self-esteem taking a hit because of metal braces, as these aligners are barely noticeable!

Schedule An Appointment

School will be in session before you know it. Make sure your child’s teeth and gums are healthy and their smile looks great with help from Dr. Kirchner and our team at Kirchner Dental.

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