We all know why we celebrate a lot in October, right?

Halloween, of course!

But there’s another reason to get excited this time of year, and that’s because it’s National Orthodontic Health Month.

Your friends at Kirchner Dental are celebrating by letting you know why straightening your teeth is a wise investment!

Here’s Why You Should Invest In Orthodontics!

Here are two great reasons to invest in orthodontic treatment in Jeffersonville, IN:

*Better Health*

One of the benefits of having straight teeth that people don’t often know about is that it can improve your oral health.

For one thing, you’re more likely to damage and wear down your teeth if they don’t meet up properly. That can make you more vulnerable to dental pain, problems with function, as well as tooth decay and cavities.

But even worse, it’s difficult to keep crooked teeth or a crowded mouth clean with brushing and flossing, which can ultimately lead to a higher risk for gum disease.

When bacteria is given free reign to survive off the food particles hiding in the extra nooks and crannies that crooked teeth create, gum disease can easily take hold inside your mouth and deteriorate your jawbone, make your teeth loosen and fall out, and cause widespread systemic health problems.

Having straight teeth can make it easier for you to avoid those issues because you’ll have less trouble keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

*Better Confidence*

Crooked, overlapping, or gapped teeth are easily some of the most common cosmetic problems people have that make them feel uncomfortable about smiling.

And unfortunately, if you’re unwilling to smile openly and often, it doesn’t just affect the way you feel. It can affect the way those around you feel. You may come off as unfriendly, unhappy, or as someone who doesn’t have a very good sense of humor.

That’s why the confidence that straight teeth give you can result in lots of positive changes in your life, not just physically with how you look, but in the way others perceive you socially and professionally.

Enjoy An Easier Path To Straight Teeth With Clear Aligners!

Without complicated bite problems or severely crooked teeth, there’s no reason to spend the next two years with dark brackets and wires in your mouth. It’s one thing to wear braces in middle school because that’s when many kids begin orthodontic treatment, and when it comes to the emotionally choppy waters of social groups at that age, there’s always safety in numbers.

But in high school, college, and in the workforce, no one wants to suffer the awkward phase of braces alone! It makes sense, then, that teens and adults are often so reluctant to wear metal braces.

That’s why clear aligner therapy is in such high demand these days!

We offer two types of this innovative therapy: Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

Both work the same way. You receive a series of customized plastic trays that fit over your teeth, you switch to the next trays in the series every couple of weeks, and in about a year, your teeth have moved into the proper position.

But the best part of these orthodontic treatments is that the aligners are clear and nearly impossible to detect! As you’re straightening your teeth, you can smile with confidence and even take them out to eat, brush, floss, or remove them briefly for special occasions!

Clear aligners are a faster, easier path to a straight, sparkling smile than conventional braces, and when you visit us for a consultation, we can determine if this is the best strategy for you!

Get Started Now!

You can straighten your teeth and improve your oral health outlook when you invest in orthodontics in Jeffersonville, IN.

We offer several discreet options, including clear aligners and clear ceramic braces, so your path to a straight, beautiful smile won’t force you to sacrifice your appearance in the meantime.

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