I’ve yet to meet too many patients in my Jeffersonville office that do not want a straighter, healthier smile. We all can’t be graced with beautiful teeth. Most of us will need some help to achieve a beautiful smile. Straight teeth are a major part of having a great smile.

For decades, patients depended on traditional braces to achieve straighter teeth. Below is a picture of a patient wearing braces. You’ll notice that the metal is very distracting. You also cannot remove the metal for any reason or occasion. You’re stuck with the appliance for years. Now, braces continue to be the gold standard to fix crooked teeth, but they are not the only answer.

Here is a photo of someone wearing Invisalign. This unique system uses removable, clear aligners to move the teeth into a more appropriate position. These aligners can be removed for regular eating and cleaning. This treatment is ideal for adults who don’t want to wear fixed appliances. Invisalign treatment takes about 12 to 18 months. The best part is that the aligners are virtually invisible.

If you are struggling with crooked teeth and don’t want the hassle of metal braces, call our office today at 812-913-6093. We can give you a thorough Invisalign consultation.