If your child were the catcher on a baseball team, you’d outfit them with all the protective padding they needed to be safe enough to fill that position. That means you wouldn’t wander into the adult sizes at the sporting goods store and grab the nearest gear.

You’d make sure it fit your child properly, otherwise, no amount of padding would protect your child from injuries.

The same applies to an athletic mouthguard, yet too many people make the mistake of relying on something they got from a store that’s been made to fit everyone and no one in particular!

What’s so baffling about mass-produced mouthguards is that they are, by their very nature, a contradiction. It’s a one-size-fits-all product that exists only to protect your teeth and gums.

But everyone’s mouth is completely unique in size and shape!

So how can any store-bought mouthguard claim to offer adequate protection?

The truth is, they can’t, which is why you should visit Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN for a professionally-made athletic mouthguard to get your child ready to play their upcoming summer sport safely.

The Risks & Rewards Of Playing A Sport

In sports, no matter the type or the level, there are risks and rewards.

For younger athletes, it’s about learning to handle disappointment and defeat, showing grace and sportsmanship in moments of victory, and a host of other important life lessons.

But do all the risks to their physical safety make the rewards worth it?

After all, a lot can happen when they’re running, jumping, changing directions quickly, and working in close proximity to other players and all types of balls, sticks, bats, and other hard objects.

One false move, and your child could suffer a traumatic injury to their teeth, gums, jaw, or head.

The rewards of being an athlete can be worth it when you minimize their risk for injuries and make them wear properly-fitting equipment.

That’s why a custom-made athletic mouthguard is such an important investment in your child’s dental health and physical safety.

The Benefits Of A Custom Athletic Mouthguard

So why is a custom fit so important?

Here are three main reasons you’ll want to invest in a quality mouthguard that’s not only measured and created by a dentist, but one that meets all the safety standards for your child’s teeth and gums:

*You Can Keep Their Head In The Game*

If you rely on one of those boil-and-bite guards from a store, you’re not getting the benefit of a custom fit. All you get is a shifting, loose mouthguard that hinders breathing, speaking, and concentration.

Because our athletic mouthguards are specifically measured to fit you, you’re able to keep your head in the game, breathe and communicate easily, and stay safer from distraction.

*You Get Full, Secure Coverage*

Perhaps an even bigger problem with a mouthguard that’s too loose is that it’s rendered utterly useless!

The whole point is to protect your teeth and gums, but if it slips out of place, it can’t do what is was designed to do.

That’s exactly what a dentist’s mouthguard offers that store-brands don’t – full, secure coverage over your teeth and gums when it really matters!

*It’s Money Well Spent*

Parents understand the frustration all too well. You spend good money on shoes or clothes or special gear that your child promises they’ll wear.

But one day, you find it buried deep in their closet with the tags still attached.

To be fair, nobody wants to be uncomfortable, so if something doesn’t fit right, it just won’t get worn.

That’s not the case with a customized mouthguard designed especially to fit over your child’s teeth. We take precise measurements and adhere to the high standards for these oral devices set by the American Dental Association, and that’s customization you’ll never find with a store-bought mouthguard.

For that reason alone, it’s money well spent!

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Many people assume that physical contact sports like football and hockey are the only sports that pose a real threat to your smile.

But the truth is that your teeth, gums, mouth, jaw, and head all need the protection of a professionally-made athletic mouthguard when you participate in strenuous physical activities. Even cycling and skateboarding can be risky for your dental health!

Don’t take any chances with your smile, and visit Kirchner Dental for an athletic mouthguard.

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