If there were a time of year that calls for a bright, confident smile, it’s definitely the summer wedding season. It’s not that far away, so if you have stains on your teeth that make you feel self-conscious, it’s time to visit Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN for teeth whitening treatment!

Before the big day arrives, you’ll have a sparkling, beautiful smile so, instead of focusing on how to hide from the cameras, you can focus on the happy occasion!

You Should Feel Free To Smile This Summer!

No one is immune to teeth stains. It’s a gradual problem that sneaks up on you year after year, and you may not even realize it until you come across an old photograph and notice how much brighter your smile used to be.

From your morning coffee, to an old smoking habit, health issues and prescription medications, and even simply your age, eventually your pearly whites can turn dull, dingy, or discolored.

If there were ever a time to remove those teeth stains, it’s the summer wedding season!

Whether you’re the one getting married or are among the many guests who are there to celebrate the happy couple, a wedding is the kind of occasion where you won’t be able to hold back your smile, so better to feel comfortable and confident about showing it off!

Look Great & Feel Confident With Teeth Whitening!

As we get closer to summer, you’ll need a teeth whitening solution that truly works.

And spoiler alert: you won’t find it in a drugstore!

Not only are all those DIY products inferior to our professional-strength system at Kirchner Dental, but you’re also putting your teeth and gums at risk for irritation, increased sensitivity, and even damage because there’s no way to ensure safe application. Strips and trays won’t fit your mouth specifically unless they’re custom-made by the dentist, which means any bleaching product from a store can ooze onto your gums. Even in weak concentrations, it’s too risky for your dental health!

With just one visit to your Jeffersonville dentist, your smile will be dramatically whiter after only an hour in the chair! The best part is that we offer Whitening for Life so you can take home your own customized kit for touch-ups for an endlessly radiant smile!

You just need to come in for routine dental cleanings and exams, and we’ll give you a fresh supply of whitening gel, stronger than anything you’ll find in stores.

Call NOW For An Appointment!

Teeth stains sneak up on everyone slowly over time. Don’t let the summer wedding season sneak up you, too!

Visit Kirchner Dental for teeth whitening treatment that works! Our solutions don’t just give you great results, but you have the option to take home our customized system so you can maintain those results for life!

Call our Jeffersonville, IN dental office now at 812-913-6093 or contact us online for an appointment, and be sure to ask about our special Whitening for Life offer!