Your Teeth Can Do More With All-on-4® Dental Implants in Jeffersonville, IN

Having four wheels helps a car stay balanced on the road. Four legs placed properly makes a table more stable. And four dental implants can give you the most secure teeth you could imagine. The All-on-4® dental implants procedure at Kirchner Dental is truly a remarkable advance in restorative dentistry. With this technique, you can:

All-On-4 Dental Implants at Kirchner Dental Read Transcript
  • Trust that your new teeth will stay in your mouth
  • Reduce wrinkles by restoring facial support
  • Eat absolutely anything you want
  • Recover faster from your implant procedure
  • Get new teeth the same day you get your implants

A fixed restoration can give you a beautiful smile and teeth that feel like real ones. To find out what just four implants can do, you should call 812-913-6093 for a consultation with our dentist in Jeffersonville, IN.

Take Control of Your New Teeth

Traditional dentures are good if you want a nice smile, but you never know when they will slide out of place. It could be when you try to take a bite. It might be when you’re telling a story to a friend or trying to ask for help in a store. This can be awkward for you and the people with you. By getting implants, you can feel confident that your teeth won’t be moving no matter what you are doing.

Getting implants, however, can become a complicated process. If you have lost bone tissue, you may need a bone graft before you can get your implants. Once you’ve recovered from that procedure, you may need months to heal from getting implants before you can get your new teeth.

With our four-implant option, most people can skip the bone graft. With this technique, the two back implants are placed at a specific angle. This allows you to get maximum stability for your new teeth. Since this procedure uses fewer implants, it’s also less invasive and allows you to heal more quickly. Many patients who choose this implant placement procedure also leave with a natural-looking smile by getting Teeth In A Day, too.

Get More Than Just a New Smile

Replacing your teeth should mean more than just having a nice smile. It should mean being able to eat and speak with confidence that your new teeth are secure, stable, and strong. All-on-4 dental implants can give you all those things at our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office. Call 812-913-6093 to secure your smile at Kirchner Dental.

Video: All-On-4 Dental Implants by Dr. Michael Kirchner at Kirchner Dental

Secure your choice of tooth replacement with All-On-4 Dental Implants only at Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN. Give us a call at (812) 406-0914 or check out our website at to learn more about what we can do for you. You can also watch more of our videos at our YouTube Channel - Connect with us via Facebook at Google+ at