Dental Crowns & Bridges For Damaged, Missing Teeth

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Just about everything can get damaged. Your car, your home, even your teeth. When the damage is small, it’s easily repaired. But when it’s big, you need a big repair. That’s where dental crown and dental bridge from trusted Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist at Kirchner Dental can help. These can repair major problems and give you back a working, beautiful smile.

CEREC Technology Works

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Normally, you would have to wait weeks before your dental crown or dental bridge was ready. A dentist would need to make impressions of your teeth, determine the measurements, send the order to a lab, and wait until the dental bridge was mailed back. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that with your Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist in Kirchner Dental. We use Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, otherwise known as CEREC. CEREC’s three-dimensional scanning technology ensures the proper shape and size of your crown. Then, the machine makes a CEREC dental crown for you as you wait. You’ll get it ordered, made, and fitted in just one visit.

Inlays And Onlays Can Repair Cavities

When you have a cavity, the bacteria there needs to be removed and the damage repaired. Dr. Kirchner can remove the corroded enamel and get rid of the bacteria. To repair minor damage, we often use a tooth-colored filling. But at our Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist office, we can offer inlays and onlays as well. Inlays rest in the biting surface of your teeth. Onlays can rest there and on the side of the teeth. Both will repair the damaged area and look completely natural in your mouth.

Dental Crowns Will Restore Teeth

Sometimes, a cavity is too big for fillings, inlays, or onlays. If enough damage has been done, the tooth could be too weak to function properly. Putting pressure on it could fracture the tooth. There are other times when the damage is from an injury, not a cavity. Still, the tooth is at risk of fracturing. To help with either problem, you can get a dental crown. This is a cap made to look like a healthy version of the tooth it covers. Once placed, it seals up the damage. Because it goes around the whole visible part of the tooth, it also holds it tightly together.

A Dental Bridge Can Replace a Missing Tooth

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When you have lost a tooth, you have to worry about more than just how the empty space looks. Food can collect in that space, plus the nearby teeth will start to slide toward the gap. It’s better to get a replacement tooth as soon as possible. An affordable, noninvasive option is a dental bridge. This treatment puts a dental crown in the gap. The crown is held securely by two other crowns, one on each side of the gap. There is no surgery, but you will get a beautiful replacement tooth so you can eat, talk, and look normal again. If you need extra stability, we can even work with an oral surgeon to secure your dental bridge using dental implants.

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