When The Dentist Office IS Your Haunted House… [BLOG]

Would you rather be chased by a chainsaw-wielding, mask-wearing, mouth-breathing psychopath from a classic slasher film than sit back and let a dental hygienist clean your teeth? When the dentist office IS your haunted house, it’s time to be your ...

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The Rewarding Difference Of Dental Veneers [VIDEO]

From the shade to the shape, how your teeth look will have a profound impact on your smile and self-confidence. That’s why our team at Kirchner Dental wants to let you know how to make it over with just one cosmetic treatment in Jeffersonville, ...

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Prevent Dental Emergencies This Fall! [BLOG]

Since a new school year is in full swing, you might have some young athletes in your family who are just about ready to start conditioning for fall sports. Football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball are pretty popular this time of year in southern ...

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Are You Prepared For A Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

Instead of being caught off-guard during a dental emergency, save the phone number to Kirchner Dental so you can schedule your same-day appointment in Jeffersonville, IN right away. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of, free from pain, and that ...

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Why Patients Are Falling For Our Same-Day Crowns! [VIDEO]

With fall just around the corner, your schedule will, no doubt, fill up quickly. Your family probably counts on you to juggle work, home, and school activities so that everything on the calendar runs smoothly. Let the advanced technology and skilled ...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Implants [BLOG]

When you finally choose to invest in dental implants to reconstruct your smile after tooth loss, what you’ve really done is made a remarkable investment in your future. That’s because of all your replacement options out there, dental implants ...

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Help Your Kids Start School With Healthy Teeth! [BLOG]

Summer seems to fly by for most students, and it can definitely take busy parents off guard, as well. That’s why our team at Kirchner Dental wants to use today’s blog to help you get the kids ready for a new school year. When you visit our ...

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Are You In Pain Because Of TMJ Disorder? [QUIZ]

Summer should be spent having fun, splashing around the pool with your kids, and enjoying time with friends at neighborhood barbecues. It shouldn’t be spent managing your painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. That’s why we want you to visit us at ...

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