ClearCorrect Or Braces: Which Works For You?

Having a straight smile isn’t just for teenagers. Adults deserve aligned teeth just as much. That’s not just because adults deserve to look good too. It’s because having a crooked smile is harder on your dental health. You can give ...

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Tricks To Having Smoother Oral Surgery Visits

Oral surgery is always a last resort, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good for you. Sometimes, having a treatment like a wisdom tooth extraction, bone graft, or something similar is just what you need to keep your smile healthy. Call ...

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Get The Bright Smile You Want With Teeth Whitening

You’re tired of seeing those dull, darker teeth in the bathroom mirror. You really want a healthy, bright smile, but all those teeth whitening kits in stores seem complicated or unusual. But if you do nothing, your teeth will just grow darker....

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Showing You Dental Problems Before Fixing Them

Our Jeffersonville dentist believes you should be a partner in your dental care. That means explaining all the results of your dental exam — and showing. Dr. Kirchner is trained to use an intraoral camera to take digital photos of the backs of your...

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Get Past Dental Anxiety And Get A Healthy Smile

It’s not like you should be skipping and grinning ear-to-ear on your way to the dentist’s office. But if the thought of getting a dental exam makes you so anxious that you skip the appointment instead of going, you are hurting your dental...

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Need A Dental Crown? Get It In One Dental Visit

Dental crowns continue to be one of the best restorative services in modern dentistry. With CEREC dental crowns, you can start enjoying those benefits even sooner. And if you live or work near our dentist office in Jeffersonville, IN, then you can ...

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Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Root Canals

We’ll admit that “loving” root canal treatments might be a stretch for any patient. But we do believe you don’t have to worry about root canal procedures, especially with the techniques and tools we have available in modern dentistry. At ...

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A Dentist Who Goes Above And Beyond For Patients [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for a dentist in Jeffersonville, IN, choose one who goes above and beyond for his patients. At Kirchner Dental, we take training and continuing education very seriously. Dr. Kirchner’s priority for additional training, not only...

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