End Painful Problems With Oral Surgery in Jeffersonville, IN

No one has oral surgery on their bucket list. Yet there are many times when it is simply the best way to fix an oral health problem or to prevent one from developing. With the right procedure, you could:

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  • Avoid a lifetime of painful complications
  • Stop pain you are already feeling
  • Keep your mouth healthy

At Kirchner Dental, we believe every patient in and around Jeffersonville, IN deserves the most effective treatment for their oral health issues. We only recommend surgery when it’s the best solution. To find out if dental surgery is right for you or to schedule a procedure with us, call 812-913-6093 today! We can even complete your care with sedation.

Learn Why You Might Need Dental Surgery

Oral surgery at our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office includes a variety of services:

  • Bone grafts are how Dr. Kirchner adds bone tissue where it is needed. Bone loss is often a consequence of tooth loss. Too much bone loss can make it difficult to support dental implants, but we can help reverse the damage.
  • Dental implant placement is a procedure to replace the roots of teeth that have been lost or removed. Implants can secure dental crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • Tooth removals may be needed to prepare for orthodontic treatment or because a tooth is so damaged that it can’t be saved. Wisdom tooth removal, in particular, is often recommended, especially when those teeth are impacted. This can increase your risk of cavities, gum disease, and painful infections.

Stay Pain-Free During Your Procedure

Many people postpone or avoid dental surgery due to dental anxiety. Fear of pain is one of the biggest reasons for this anxiety. With our sedation options, you won’t feel anything during your procedure, but you will get the benefits of having it done.

Is oral surgery right for you or someone you love? To find out, plan a visit with our dentists in Jeffersonville, IN. Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-913-6093 or contact us online.

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