Choose the Option That Suits You Best

When it comes to improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, every patient’s needs and goals are unique and require a customized approach to treatment. The kind of orthodontic treatment you choose will depend on a couple of factors, including the complexity of your teeth position and bite alignment problems, and whether you went through our preventive orthodontics at a younger age.

At Kirchner Dental, we provide orthodontic options so you can choose the treatment that best suits your dental needs and lifestyle.

  • Traditional Braces – Brackets and wires are still a highly effective method of correcting many issues with the way teeth line up and fit together. Typically, patients can expect to wear traditional braces anywhere from 18-24 months.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – With this option, teens and adults can enjoy the same results of metal braces without drawing much attention to their brackets and wires. That’s because they match your natural tooth color and blend in better with your smile!
  • Invisalign – Ideal for older patients who have less complicated bite problems or slightly crooked teeth, Invisalign is a series of customized clear aligners that fit over your teeth. You can complete treatment in a year or less without anyone noticing you were wearing braces in the first place!
  • Custom Clear Aligners – We now offer fully custom clear aligner treatment. Our in-house design center and 3D printer allow us to create your aligners right here in the office! To be a candidate for clear aligners, you must have healthy teeth. If you don’t, ask how we can help restore your dental health.

Improve Your Oral Health With Orthodontic Treatment

Everyone knows about the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, but what is often overlooked is what it can do for your oral health. When your mouth is too crowded, you’ll likely have teeth that overlap, as well as a bite that doesn’t line up properly when your upper and lower teeth come together.

This can create potential problems with your dental health because:

  • It creates more hiding places in your mouth for bacteria
  • It makes effective brushing and flossing more difficult
  • It can put your teeth at risk for damage and premature wear
  • It increases your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease

Don’t let crooked teeth make your mouth unhealthy! Improve your oral health and your smile at the same time with orthodontics in Jeffersonville. Call us today at 812-913-6093 or contact us online to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Kirchner.