I’m Embarrassed to Smile Get Your Dream Smile
  • Smile proudly by covering up flaws
  • Look younger & feel more confident
  • Benefit from your dentist’s cosmetic experience

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Jeffersonville, IN Will Give You a Beautiful Smile

Whether you’re just meeting friends for lunch or you have an important meeting at work, you want to look your best. You’ll grab that new outfit you just bought, make sure your hair looks great, and … oh. Your smile. It’s dark, cracked, and makes you embarrassed to smile. If you’ll make sure your clothes and hair look good, why not do the same with your teeth? With cosmetic dental treatments in Jeffersonville, IN, you can:

  • Smile with more confidence when socializing
  • Make better first impressions on the job
  • Look younger, more attractive, and more successful
  • Improve your overall self-esteem

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Improve Your Smile With Professional Cosmetic Treatment

Often, you get what you pay for. There are several teeth whitening products you can buy at the supermarket and drugstore these days. You don’t need a prescription to buy them, but that’s because the bleaching agent is intentionally weak. It will work, just not well. Save yourself hassle and money by getting professional-strength teeth whitening from Dr. Michael Kirchner. Why not get it done right the first time and prevent embarrassment when smiling?

Except in extremely rare cases, cosmetic dental work will not hurt anything. In fact, some treatments can both improve your smile and prevent other problems. Dental veneers, for example, are thin shells that cover the front of your teeth. They’re made to look like bright, healthy teeth and instantly give you a winning smile. They also seal up damage like chips and cracks to make sure they don’t get worse.

Perhaps your teeth look fine but your gums don’t. If you have a gummy smile or gums damaged from infection, we can help. A periodontal infection can often cause your gum line to look abnormal. We can treat the infection and then use cosmetic dentistry measures to restore your beautiful smile.

It’s hard to make a smile look good when there are gaps in it. That’s one of the reasons you need replacements for any teeth that have come out. If you’re missing just one, a dental implant is a great tooth replacement option. If you’re missing several, dentures and All-on-4® implants may be better. Partial dentures will replace just a few teeth, while full dentures and All-on-4 replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth.

Here at Kirchner Dental, we have the Jeffersonville, IN cosmetic dental treatments you need for a great smile that will help you avoid embarrassment. Call us today at 812-913-6093 or schedule online.

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