Rebuild Your Smile With Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Jeffersonville, IN

You might be hesitant to visit the dentist. You might believe that your mouth is in such bad shape that there is nothing that can be done. We want to assure you that no matter how bad you think your situation is, we can help you. Through full-mouth reconstruction, our Jeffersonville, IN dentist, Dr. Kirchner, can rebuild your smile stronger and better than it’s ever been.

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By the end of this process, you should:

  • Feel confident about smiling in person and in pictures
  • Dine out knowing you can eat anything on the menu
  • Eat, speak, sing, and more without mouth pain

We will work with you on a comprehensive plan to make your smile attractive. This can also create the conditions for good oral health for the rest of your life. To get started, call Kirchner Dental at 812-913-6093 today to schedule a consultation.

Don’t Be Discouraged

It can be discouraging when you have extensive damage to your teeth. A cracked tooth can be fixed fairly easily. When you have multiple broken teeth, cracked teeth, infected teeth, missing teeth, or a combination of those issues, you may wonder what can be done. The answer: a lot. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Oral Surgery – You may need teeth removed, a bone graft to replace lost bone tissue, or implants placed to anchor your replacement teeth to your jawbone.
  • Dental Implants – Implants replace the roots of teeth that are missing or have been removed. This makes your new teeth stronger and more secure.
  • Dental Restorations – This may include dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures depending on how many teeth need to be replaced or repaired.

You also may be interested in the All-on-4® procedure, which uses just four implants to secure your new teeth. This reduces your recovery time and can save money since fewer implants are needed. With Teeth In A Day, you can leave with a set of temporary teeth the same day you get your implants.

Plan to Be Happy

You’ve seen television shows where a team of professionals work wonders with a house that looks worn down. Our dental professionals can do something similar for the smiles of Jeffersonville, IN patients.

See what a full-mouth reconstruction could do for you. Contact us online or call 812-913-6093 today to make an appointment at Kirchner Dental. Find out how you could improve your smile and transform your life.

Video: Full-Mouth Reconstruction at Kirchner Dental by Dr. Michael Kirchner

This is a plan to repair extensive damage to your teeth. If you just have one problem, like a chipped tooth, it’s easy to determine what to do: fix it. What if you have a cracked tooth, several missing teeth, and a tooth that needs to be removed? That’s where a full-mouth reconstruction is used. You will work with top-rated Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist Dr. Kirchner to create a plan that will repair all of the damage. If you have bite issues, full-mouth reconstruction is the best option for you. Visit Dr. Michael Kirchner's dental practice in Jeffersonville, IN. You can also check out our website: to learn more. Or reach us at 812-406-0914 to set an appointment with us today! Like and Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see updated videos from Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN!