Full-Mouth Reconstruction to Repair Extensive Dental Damage

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When you buy a house or move into an apartment, chances are you start a plan to fix all of the problems. The problems could be small, like light switches that won’t work or a small hole that needs patching. The problems could also be big, like replacing the water heater or knocking down a whole wall. No matter the size, you make a list so you can decide what needs to happen and in what order. When you have to repair several problems in your smile, a full-mouth reconstruction from trusted Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist does the same job.

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A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Benefit You

This is a plan to repair extensive damage to your teeth. If you just have one problem, like a chipped tooth, it’s easy to determine what to do: fix it. What if you have a cracked tooth, several missing teeth, and a tooth that needs to be removed? That’s where a full-mouth reconstruction is used. You will work with top-rated Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist Dr. Kirchner to create a plan that will repair all of the damage.

Dental Implants Can Keep You Healthy

When you are missing a tooth, you have many health risks to worry about. First, food particles can collect in the empty space. That increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease near that site. The second is a change in your bite. Your teeth surrounding the gap will begin to move toward the space, misaligning your bite and possibly even loosening your teeth. Finally, you will suffer from bone loss. Your teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone. When they are missing, the bone tissue there starts to deteriorate. Dental implants use a titanium root implanted in your jaw and a replacement tooth connected to it. You’ll fill the space and help keep your jawbone and teeth healthy.

Keep Dentures From Falling Out

Traditional full dentures use two methods to stay in place: The shape of the gum-colored mold holds onto your gums, and a special nontoxic adhesive in the base helps it stick to your gums. However, dentures can still move around slightly. This happens most often when chewing something hard. We can help secure your dentures with implants. By connecting dentures to implanted roots, they are sure to stay put.

All-On-4™ Differs From Dentures

All-on-4 implants replace a full arch of teeth just like full dentures do. They use beautiful, natural-looking replacement teeth that connect to implanted roots, just like dentures can. The main difference is the number of implants and how those implants are placed. All-on-4 uses a patented technique to place four implants in an arch, with the back two placed in your jawbone at an angle. This adds more strength and keeps your replacement teeth fixed and secure. Unlike dentures, All-on-4 replacement teeth do not have an upper palate, so you can fully taste your food.

Understand Teeth In A Day 

Some dental treatments require you to wait awhile before they can be finished. Traditional dental implants, for example, normally need to heal for months before a replacement tooth is connected to it. At our Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist office, we have a solution to this delay. Teeth in a Day is a special treatment that places both implants and temporary replacement teeth in one day. You will be able to look good and eat normally until your final replacement teeth are ready.

With a full-mouth reconstruction plan in place, you know what will happen and when. More importantly, you can repair all of the damage to your teeth and get back your healthy smile. Call our top-notch Jeffersonville, Indiana dentist today at 812-406-0914 or use our convenient online form for your next appointment.

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