Protect Your Smile With Athletic Mouthguards in Jeffersonville, IN

Sports and physical activities can do great things for your physical health. Unfortunately, they can also put your teeth at risk. Athletic mouthguards, however, will protect you from dental injury.

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If you visit our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office, Dr. Kirchner will take impressions of your teeth and other measurements to make you a custom mouthguard. The custom fit is something you can’t get at a store. Compared to a mouthguard you can purchase elsewhere, it will:

  • Protect you better – It’s less likely to get dislodged and leave your mouth unprotected.
  • Be more comfortable to wear – It won’t be uncomfortable, so you won’t be tempted to leave it on the sidelines.
  • Last longer – It will be made of durable materials.
  • Be right for your sport – Different activities need different kinds of mouthguards. Whether you play field hockey or football, Dr. Kirchner will make sure you get the right kind of mouthguard.
  • Meet suggested safety levels – There is a standard for Athletic Mouth Protectors and Materials, developed by the American Dental Association and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Few commercial mouthguards meet this standard.

To schedule a consultation for a sports mouthguard, call Kirchner Dental at 812-913-6093.

Take Good Care of Your Custom Mouthguard

A customized mouthguard can last for a long time, but you will need to take care of it. To keep it clean, brush using a toothbrush and only water after wearing it. You should occasionally clean it with soap and water. Make sure you use only warm water, as hot water can warp it.

When done, let your sports mouthguard completely air dry before putting it away. We suggest storing it in a sturdy container, ideally one with vents so air can flow around it. Clean the container periodically too.

Almost Every Athlete Benefits From a Mouthguard

Though it’s a no-brainer to wear a mouthguard for contact sports like football, any sport that involves running, jumping, or using a ball presents a danger to your teeth and gums. We recommend using a mouthguard for activities like bicycling and skateboarding too. If you’re wearing a helmet, you’ll also benefit from a mouthguard.

To find out more about athletic mouthguards, call Kirchner Dental at 812-913-6093. Our Jeffersonville, IN office is located minutes from Jeffersonville High School and Riverside Elementary School.

Video: Athletic Mouthguards by Dr. Michael Kirchner at Kirchner Dental

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