There’s no doubt that a sudden dental problem can be stressful. You likely have the unexpected expense of fixing a tooth, and of course, you might have to deal with the pain, loss of function, and the cosmetic problem it creates, as well.

Even if it isn’t the sort of tooth problem that comes on suddenly, like decay or a cavity, it’s still a disruption to have to work in a dental appointment to have it fixed.

All this is made even more stressful when you consider the hassle of having to schedule multiple visits to take care of just one issue!

But that was restorative dentistry of the past. At Kirchner Dental, we offer solutions that get your smile back to normal immediately!

CEREC Dental Crowns Offer Stress-Free Care!
Here’s why our CEREC same-day crowns allow us to provide stress-free experiences for our patients in Jeffersonville, IN:

Same-Day Crowns, Same-Day Solutions!

Because we treat so many families, we understand how pressing your time is when you’re here for dental appointments. It’s one of the reasons we invest in the latest technology and use the most advanced techniques to repair smiles when things go wrong with your teeth.

Our Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (or CEREC) system is one of the most innovative of them all!

It produces same-day dental crowns, which means as you wait in the chair, we measure, design, and fabricate your permanent restoration all in just one appointment!

Instead of sending dental impressions to an outside lab and waiting a couple of weeks for them to create your new dental crown, everything is done in minutes with our computer software. Then the digital design is interpreted by our milling machine, where again in minutes, your permanent crown is created to stunning precision!

The Fastest Way To Fix Your Smile!

Ordinarily, you’d have to come back after a couple of weeks to have your permanent crown placed and adjusted. But with CEREC technology, that’s all included in the same appointment.

After it’s been through the milling machine, we place the new crown over your prepared tooth and make any meticulous adjustments until your bite is natural and comfortable.

This revolutionary system has completely changed the dental restoration experience so patients can come in with a damaged tooth and leave with a fully-repaired smile!

Call Now For A Same-Day Crown!

When you need to restore your smile fast, you should trust a dentist that values your schedule with investments in the kind of technology that can cut your waiting time by weeks!

That’s what our CEREC technology and equipment allows us to do in Jeffersonville, IN, fixing problem teeth with permanent crowns in a single visit so you can get on with your life.

Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-913-6093 or contact us online to schedule your appointment for a new dental crown without the wait!