Thankfully, oral surgery is not as complex and problematic as some medical surgeries. That said, it’s still important to do it right. Dr. Kirchner takes 10 times the required amount of continuing education. He’s skilled and experienced in making sure the surgery turns out well. However, this is a partnership between you and Dr. Kirchner. There are a few things you’ll need to do both before and after dental surgery.

Before you head to our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office for your surgical appointment, make sure you do the following.

  • Do not eat or drink for eight hours before your appointment: Surgery and anesthesia can do a number on your body. While both are safe, they can still make you nauseous or feel bad. Having a full belly or bladder can make that worse. However, this depends on the type of surgery you are having. Ask Dr. Kirchner about fasting, especially if you have diabetes. A lot depends on the type of dental surgery procedure you are having.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: During your surgery, you’ll be lying in a chair for a while. You should wear something that you’ll be comfortable in for that long. Aim for something that’s also on the warmer side. Not moving for so long can make you feel cold. Besides, there’s no reason to dress to impress for this appointment.
  • Leave all makeup and jewelry behind: Along the same lines, you won’t need to put on a lot of makeup or wear your normal jewelry. Wedding bands and rings are usually fine, but skip earrings and necklaces. If you have any facial piercings, take them out as well. Not only are they unnecessary, but there’s a small chance they could get in the way of the surgery. They could even catch on Dr. Kirchner’s scrubs.
  • Buy some bland, soft foods: When you are done with your surgery, you’ll probably be hungry. You most likely had to fast before it anyway. However, spicy foods or ones that require a lot of chewing should be avoided. Spices can irritate your gums, and too much chewing can be painful. You are not going to be in the mood for grocery shopping right after surgery. Buy soft, bland foods beforehand.
  • Make sure you have cold packs ready: A cold compress is a fast and effective way to deal with swelling or discomfort after surgery. However, you do not want to get home and realize you don’t have any. Go buy some before your appointment. If you already have cold packs, make sure they’re actually cold by the time you get home.
  • Pick out some TV shows, movies, and books to binge on: After oral surgery, you need to rest. Strenuous activity can not only be painful, but it can also interfere with the healing process. Pain medicine for after surgery can do this as well. The day before surgery, start picking out things to watch and read. Get some movies, find some shows to binge on, and get out that book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • Follow all instructions given by Dr. Kirchner at your last visit: All of the above can be trumped by Dr. Kirchner’s instructions. Make sure you read these before coming for your appointment. If you have any questions at all, call us at 812-913-6093.

There. Your surgery is finished, and you’re finally back home. What should you do now?

  • Eat those bland, soft foods: You’ll need to eat soon. Get out the food you bought yesterday and slowly and carefully eat until you are full. Everyone’s surgery is different. That means how long you’ll stay on bland foods depends on your particular case. As your mouth heals, you’ll start to feel better. Experiment with some foods that aren’t too hard or too soft. If that works, keep doing it. If not, maybe try again tomorrow.
  • Skip straws and tobacco: Tobacco makes it harder for your body to heal. Smoking after surgery will prolong any pain or discomfort. Do what you can to not smoke at all for at least several days. You’ll likely have stitches in your gums after surgery, so skip straws as well. Sucking on the straw can rip out the stitches too soon.
  • Follow your post-op instructions: As with the pre-op ones, your post-op instructions need to be followed exactly. They also trump anything above. Make sure you read them carefully. Call us if you have any questions so you can be sure of what to do.

Oral surgery can help with serious dental problems. By following these suggestions, you can recover quickly. Call us today at 812-913-6093 to learn more about oral surgery or to schedule your next appointment.